Arizona Sentencing Charts for Felonies & Misdemeanors

Below are sentencing charts for criminal offenses.  These charts identify mandatory jail or prison sentences a court must sentence you to serve.

The felony sentencing charts use the below  abbreviations to show the range of years in prison a person can be sentenced.

MIT is the mitigated sentence.  This is the absolute minimum sentence.
MIN is the minimum sentence which is least than the presumptive.
P is the presumptive sentence which is the starting point for sentencing.
MAX is the maximum sentence which is more than the presumptive.
AGG is the aggravated sentence.  This is the absolute maximum sentence.

Category One means you have a Prior Felony Conviction.
Category Two means you have one Allegeable Historical Prior Felony Conviction.
Category Three means you have two or more Allegeable Historical Felony Conviction.

Knowing these 3 things about your felony criminal charges helps you use the charts:

  1. The class level of felony you are charged with, e.g., a class 4 felony.
  2. The number of prior felony convictions you have, if any, eg., 2 historical prior convictions.
  3. Whether your charged with a dangerous offense or crime, or involved drug sales.


If you are charged with Possession of a Dangerous Drug such as Methamphetamine, which is a class 4 felony and you have one historical prior felony conviction, you are facing a Presumptive Sentence of 4.5 years in Prison.

If you are charged with Possession of a Narcotic Drug or Possession of a Dangerous Drug, either of which are class 4 felonies and you have no prior felony convictions, then you are probation eligible but you are also facing a presumptive prison sentence of 2.5 years.

If you are charged with Aggravated DUI, which is typically a class 4 felony and you have one prior felony conviction, (which is not a historical prior felony conviction) the judge must sentence you to prison and you facing a Presumptive Sentence of 2.5 year.

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